Breggia is a torrent that originates between Monte Generoso and Monte d’Orimento. It is known for having two sources, one at an altitude of 1300 meters in the area of Monte d’Orimento (Italy) and the other, on the Swiss side, in Valle della Crotta. During its course it flows through the Muggio Valley before reaching Lake Como at Cernobbio.

The Breggia has a difference in height of about 1150 meters between the source and the mouth and can have considerable variations in water flow. It is often dry, in its upper part, while it becomes perennial in its lower part, where it is possible to fish the lake trout, among others.

According to the rules in force, you need a permit to fish in this place. Indeed, there is the possibility to obtain a tourist fishing license, valid from 2 to 7 days, to take advantage of this unique opportunity. It can be requested directly at front desk or by email/phone, at least 2 days in advance, providing your personal information (name – surname – address – ID). The license costs from 60 CHF (for 2 days) to 120 CHF (for 7 days) and needs to be paid in cash.

The Breggia river is not only inhabited by trouts but also by many other species; you can monitor its water level all year round through the UFAM (Federal environmental office) official portal; and it is important to follow the rules to preserve its ecosystem, avoiding, for instance, certain fisheries and behaving responsibly.

To learn more about tourist fishing licenses, you can visit Federazione Ticinese per l’Acquicoltura e la Pesca website.

If you need technical equipment during your stay, you can contact the store Ambrosini in Lugano.



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