We offer our guests breakfast (included in your room rate, every day, from 7.00 am to 10.00 am) and snacks during the day in our Merenderia. Here there is also a TV set in case you want to watch programs, and a staff always ready to make you taste some typical products of the Valley.

A selection of sausages, cheeses, jams, as well as wines and liqueurs made following ancient recipes (as in the case of Zincarlin and Amaro Generoso), are available for those who are feeling a bit hungry and appreciate discovering new flavors and aromas.

All products are farm-to-table. They come from small local producers. And, upon request, you can take them home. Those of you who love sweet and savory, intense or delicate flavors, and a tasty vacation in Ticino, in our Merenderia will find a rich breakfast and many delicious snacks that will satisfy your taste buds.

Some examples? Our jams are strictly homemade, by our tour guide Onorina, and their flavors depend on the season. The selection of wines includes Merlot, which made our region famous and the one with the most vineyards. And our platters of cold cuts offer a variety of salami and ham from local meat curing factories.



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