Have you ever thought of discovering a new territory and its villages while biking, avoiding paved roads, forgetting the noise of the city, passing from an old village road to a path that runs along a mountain or a river? That’s what you can do in the Valley of Muggio!

Here you can spend a few days completely immersed in nature, and you can return home with memories of its landscape, scents and colors.

From our B&B you can explore the Valley and the surrounding villages on two wheels. You can choose different routes, from the easiest to the most difficult, tour them with an e-bike or a classic mountain bike; ride with or without a qualified guide who helps you decide the most suitable route based on your training and curiosity.

And if you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one from the store not far from the Bed & Breakfast.

In our structure you can always ask for support in organizing your excursions. Maps are available at the front desk, as well as trilingual, passionate and competent tourist guides, such as Lavinia, are always ready to accompany visitors in the suggestive valley, carved by the Breggia river, on the top of the surrounding mountains, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view, or in the narrow streets of villages that managed to survive over the centuries.

From our Bed & Breakfast you can discover Val Mara, Monte Generoso and Bisbino, as well as Sasso Gordona and Italy (e.g., Erbonne and the whole Intelvi Valley).

For more information on the itineraries to ride with your bike, we suggest to visit Ticino Turismo official web site.

LaviniaTourist Guide

Hi! My name is Lavinia and my biggest passions is mountain biking. I love hiking in the wild and look forward to organizing your next tour!



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